Sunday, September 20, 2015

目が泳ぐ (めはおよぐ, me ga oyogu)

Literally this means "Your eyes are swimming," which is a way to say "You're lying."  This feels very similar to the English expression, "Look me in the eye and say that"--both statements seem predicated on the idea (accurate or not) that it's hard to look into someone's eyes and lie.  Me ga oyogu  suggests that the person being spoken to can't keep his/her eyes still because s/he is lying.  I've only heard this expression said a few times, always in the form of teasing:  「うそでしょう!目が泳いでいるよ!」 ("Uso deshou!  Me ga oyoideiru yo!")

This  video. . .isn't anything like the context around which I learned the phrase and has nothing to do with anyone lying.  But it's the most interesting video that I came across in looking for visual examples of 目が泳ぐ.  I wish I could've seen my own reaction as I watched it for the first time; I was leaning back in my chair thinking "Oh my goodness," at the same time unable to divert my eyes from watching it.

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