Friday, January 8, 2016

Jigyaku-teki (自虐的, じぎゃくてき)

Jigyaku-teki (自虐的, じぎゃくてき)is the word for self-deprecating, an essential part of Japanese culture.  As the friend who taught this to me texted, "Japanese people really like to be Jigyakuteki."

I You Tubed 自虐的 and looked through a couple dozen videos, but none of them conveyed (to me) the meaning of this term.  The video that made me most uncomfortable was (according to the description) someone trying to "fix" his belly button using a belt and key holder.  I don't mean anything judgmental, but I don't know what that's about...I don't really want to put the visual on this blog, but if anyone wants to see it (and can understand it), the url is

Anyway, may 2016 bring us all some great and blessed things!


Yomu zoku said...

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Wesley H.W. Tong said...

Thank you, Yomu zoku :)

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