Tuesday, October 15, 2013

skin oh so soft and silky smooth, skin to die for

Sube sube (スベスベ) hada (肌) is soft, smooth, silky skin.

sube sube (スベスベ) = soft and silky smooth
hada (肌) = skin

Of course, sube sube can be used to denote other nouns, not just skin.  I associate it with skin because when I first heard the word, somebody used it while describing skin.

Following are three videos.

The first shows women giving their skin the treatment they deem necessary for akachan hada (赤ちゃん肌, which you can see whenever the babies appear in the video).  Akachan (赤ちゃん), or baby, is used in much the way that English speakers might use the phrase "smooth as a baby's bottom."  (See definition on Cambridge dictionary site.)

The second video is of a young woman who topically uses yogurt to achieve sube sube-ness.

 And finally the Photoshop solution

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