Thursday, June 19, 2014

ダメよ~ダメダメ (dame yo! dame dame~)

This one is trending right now, I was told today.  The language itself isn't anything special; it's just a way of saying "That's no good" or "You can't do that," things of the like.  My friends tell me that what stands out about this clip is the tone and pitch of the speaker.


Update (July 10, 2015)
Unfortunately, You Tube took off the above video, I imagine for copyright reasons.  But people have been filling in the void with other clips.  Below are a duo who use the original audio recording and mime along with it:

I was surprised to find a bunch of SNSD videos dedicated to this phrase. Their Japanese has gotten so good. . .I'm jealous.



Tiffany Ho said...

Just found your site. This explanation really helped me out a lot! Going to pass it around now. :)

Wesley H.W. Tong said...

Thanks! (Sorry for being so slow to respond to your comment!)

Cindy Dy said...

I will keep your new article. I really enjoyed reading this post, thanks for sharing.


Wesley H.W. Tong said...

Thank you!!

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